Our Vision and Values

At Meadow Bank we learn and grow together

Our aims:

  • To develop our pupils into well rounded, resilient young people who make a positive contribution to their community.
  • To ensure all our pupils develop a secure sense of belonging based on trust, respect and shared values.
  • To create a happy, engaging and safe learning environment where all pupils succeed together.
  • To deliver a stimulating and innovative curriculum that challenges, excites and inspires our pupils to achieve their best.

Our values – The 4 Cs:


We believe in fostering relationships which empower our pupils and their families by building strong connections to their learning, the local community and wider society. It is through these connections that we build a supportive and respectful environment where everyone feels valued and heard.



we celebrate diversity and inclusion to create a sense of belonging for our whole school community. By valuing respect and collaboration we build a positive culture where difference is celebrated and every contribution matters.


We encourage our pupils to face challenges, take risks and persevere in the face of adversity. We embrace our role in preparing our pupils for a fast-changing world; by instilling courage we empower our pupils to become resilient, ambitious young people who are unafraid to challenge the status quo and follow their ambitions,



We provide opportunities for our pupils to explore their passions, use their imagination and express themselves. By fostering curiosity and creativity we unlock potential.